Our Unique Process

MSA Difference

Because we are a true D&C Company we are able to value manage and de-risk the project during the design and into the construction phase.

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Value & Risk Management

Constantly Adjusting

Value Management occurs sooner and lasts longer. Having both the design and construction disciplines involved from the outset means we are better positioned to explore your projects objectives and aspirations.

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Technology We Use

Tech with Benefits

We’ve embraced and refined many technologies to facilitate transparency, control and cost efficiencies on everything we do.

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Overview & History

Half a Century of Experience

Learn about Multi Span, our areas of expertise and the milestones in our evolving story since our beginnings in 1965.

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Meet our Team

Forward-thinking People

We are a family company and we have a long tradition of attracting and training the best in the business.

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Hear from the organisations we’ve been Working With

Read full client testimonals that give an insight into the kind of business we are.

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Insurance, Accreditations and Licences

See our associations, certifications, registered builders number and insurance details all in one place.

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Multispan Australia onsite technician

How we think

We’ve spent a lot of time identifying the key behaviours that drive Multi Span and we think we are different.

By analysing the language we use and stepping back to examine;
• our process, • our interactions with you • and what it is we actually do,
we set the stage for innovation on a project-by-project basis.

If you’re a left-brain technical type then there’s plenty of testimonials and factual information across the website so you don’t have to take our word for it. However if you’d like to get an insight into feelings…our culture and the core of what makes us really different, then please read on.


We understand bringing your dream to life isn’t a simple process and that it often takes a combination of art and science to achieve great (and not just satisfactory) outcomes on your project.


You could call us a design and construction company. But we do more than build structures and and expand businesses. We work with you to materialise designs and facilitate reality. We actively nurture our relationship with you and protect shared ambitions for the project.


We’ve discovered our best design and construction work comes from breaking down old-fashioned ways of working. The advanced technology and processes we’ve implemented are proof of this.

The pillars of Multi Span Australia’s company culture are:

In the 21st century it’s still comes down to the people you work with to make the journey fulfilling and achieve an outcome beyond expectation.

  • Integrity – doing things the right way, even if it’s more difficult or there are more obstacles.
  • Quality – following a methodology that delivers you a quality service and product every step of the way.
  • Genuine – we honestly say what we do and strive to be true in what we say.
  • Resourceful – we create, investigate and innovate to get the best result for our clients.

Honestly, we don’t want to work with just anyone, we want to work with people like us. Because when we find each other, historically we know we are going to stay working together for a very long time. As soon as we establish mutual trust, then we become true partners in the process.

Our people-at-the-centre, family-driven culture means we aim to:

• Earn Trust, Foster Collaboration, Practice Fairness, Be Honourable,
• Project Friendliness and Think Passionately Every Day
• Promise to Do What We Say, even if it hurts sometimes.

Martin Hood – Managing Director

In the 21st century it’s still comes down to the people you work with to make the journey fulfilling and achieve an outcome beyond expectation.